2019 Summer Series Club Racing starts APRIL 27

The 2019 Summer Series Club Racing series starts on the 27th of April… come join us for an afternoon of racing! The Captain’s meeting is at 2pm.

This year, we’re doing something different to encourage newer-to-racing sailors to participate. At 11AM on each day of club racing, we will be holding a seminar covering the rules (keeping things as simple as possible) of racing, as well some lesson plans and (maybe) drills on starting a race and negotiating the course and other boats on the course. We hope to cover all of these items and more to get you on the race course. The best way to become a better sailor is to sharpen your skills with racing!

As we did last year (thank you Courtney!!), in the goal of enabling all the racers to participate on each race day, we are hoping to have a committee of volunteers to run the Race Committee for each of our club races. A Race Committee should have a leader (Primary Race Officer) as well as four additional volunteers (barge + safety boat) for each race day to allow us to have an easy (for the Race Committee) and fun (for all) day.

If you think that being the Primary Race Officer for the season sounds like something you would like to tackle, please let me know.

Please contact me regarding your availability for Race Committee on the 27th of April. Alternatively you can sign up on the WSC web site at https://waccamawsailing.com/volunteer-sign-up-sheets/.

Racing Guy

ps. As it is every club race, it is our tradition to bring an appetizer to share and whatever beverage you wish. Join us for the fun and a few lies from sailors as to how well they sailed that day! Additionally, this is a great opportunity to invite potential members to visit.

Spring Clean Up 2019 tasks – April 13!

Clean Lot Lawnmower, weed eater, hedge clipper
Clean Beach Rakes, pitch fork, ax, wheelbarrow
Kitchen Cabinets Saws, power screwdriver, level
Door Install -2xPower screwdriver, hole saw, hammer
Deck Resurface, re-dec old sectionSaw, power screwdriver, square, tape measure
Shower – outside Reinstall pan – Saw, PVC glue, level, power screwdriver, hammer
Fence Replace 3 post Posthole digger
Roof RepairHammer, caulk gun, ladder, razor knife
Fence backlot
Repair top rail
Pliers, hammer
Back Lot Clean up Chainsaw, mower
Race room Re-deck shelvesSaw, tape measure, square, power screwdriver
Boat Rack Repair Saw, drill, power screwdriver
Barge Clean & launch cleaning supplies – Test race horn
Safety Boat Clean & test cleaning supplies
Safety Boat Trailer Install roller Wrenches, pliers, hammer


  • 2- 36 in doors
  • 3- Fence post
  • Plywood for race room shelves

Annual Oyster Roast

Don’t forget Saturday December 1st is our annual OYSTER ROAST at Waccamaw Sailing Club!

The event will start at 12 noon and we should be shucking oysters by 1 pm. Bring your oyster knife and favorite beverage for a great afternoon, rain or shine (we’ll just move inside). Cost is $10 per adult, $5 for kids under 16.

Please reply to david@poteathospitality.com if you plan to attend, so we will know how many to expect.