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Hurricane Florence

Thankfully, Florence is not as strong as she was predicted to be just a few days ago. A screenshot of the wind speeds from our weather station, just before power was lost Friday morning.

Hurricane Florence preparation

Thanks to everyone for getting your boats off the moorings.

Remember if you are leaving it on the trailer it needs to be secured to the trailer. With the winds we are expecting it is very possible it could be blown off the trailer.

Small boats on the front lot need to be secured as well. They can be blown about and cause damage to other boats. I will be monitoring storm progress and keep you updated and will do final check on the front lot and boats tomorrow. If you become aware of a problem at the club or back lot let me know.

It looks like our entire club membership is in the path of this thing from the coast back to Laurinburg and Fayetteville. Good luck to us all!


Harbormaster WSC

Club Races: August 25

The 2018 Summer Series Club Racing series continues on Saturday, August 25… come join us for an afternoon of racing! The Captain’s meeting is at 2pm.

As it is every club race, it is our tradition to bring an appetizer to share and whatever beverage you wish. Join us for the fun and a few lies from sailors as to how well they sailed that day! Additionally, this is a great opportunity to invite potential members to visit.

In the goal of enabling all the racers to participate in each race day, we are hoping to have a committee of volunteers to run the Race Committee for each of our club races, and we hope to have at least four additional volunteers (barge + safety boat) for each race day.

Please sign up online (on the website, under the Racing > Volunteer for RC) regarding your availability to help on August 25 and/or any subsequent race weekend in the future. Of course, if you’re having trouble logging in, I’ll be happy to help with that as well.

We look forward to seeing you Saturday August 25!