Indian Summer Regatta 2016, October 8-9

The Indian Summer Regatta will be held this year on October 8-9 at Lake Waccamaw, NC. We’re looking forward to a great turnout again this year!

There’s plenty of space for camping, RV’s, hot showers, and a full kitchen at your disposal. Support boats will be on site, and there should be plenty of staff on-hand.

Saturday’s dinner is shaping up to be a pig pickin’ with the usual southern sides and Swedish apple pie, and possibly more!

You can register online at, and encourage you to do so, as it allows us to plan a bit better.

Hope to see you there!

Keelboat Racing: Aug 13!

Come out for the second keelboat race of the year, and the first of two for August. This is a special ‘keelboat’ only race, and ONLY monohulls of at least 19′ in length, using either a fixed keel, swing keel, centerboard, or daggerboard are welcome to take part in the races.

This promises to be a fun event, and there will surely be some excitement at the start line. Let’s show those catamaran folks how it’s done.

First race starts at 3PM (meeting at 2PM), and we hope to see you there. We will have our customary pot-luck after the races, so come and join us on Saturday, 13-Aug!

Shrimparoo and workday: Aug 20

Saturday, Aug 20th, will be a club workday, followed by our yearly Shrimparoo!

The club workday begins at 9AM, and is a great opportunity for everyone to contribute back to our club, helping to ensure that it continues to serve us well for years to come. There are lots of tasks scheduled, and we’ll have a sign-up sheet available that morning to help organize the various activities.


Cooking will start around 4pm so bring a side dish or dessert and your choice of beverage. Join in even if you cannot make the workday. The pots will be full of shrimp, corn on the cob, and sausage. This will be a great day of fun and fellowship.

Charge will be 5.00 per person with kids, 16 and under free.