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Isotope Nationals & End of Month Racing

Our End of the Month Race is this coming weekend, August 23rd.

Also the Isotope National are being held at our club house, come out and enjoy the racing!

We are expecting 20 plus boats!!! It will be a fun event!

In an effort to clean up our front lot we are asking that all trailers be tagged with your name. Some method of weather-able tagging or painting your name needs to be added to your trailer so the club can contact you if there is an issue.

If you do have a boat or trailer on any of the lots, please email David McLamb or myself on the make and model by the end of the month, we are trying to understand who owns what.

If you have not put your boat in the water this year, we are asking that you remove the boat to the back lot to make room for those people that are actively sailing their boats. The yard can get very busy and congested especially during the race week ends. We would like to make it easy for the members that are sailing to be able to get their boats on and off the water without risk of damage to theirs or the other boats.

If you own a canoe, wind board, or sunfish that is being stored on the wooden racks , these also must be tagged. In addition, we are no longer allowing canoes to be stored within the equipment storage shed. This is only for sails and small masts and misc. equipment.

THE IDIAN SUMMER REGATTA is just around the corner. We are looking for volunteers to help, We have a number of positions where we need a hand. If you have a motor boat that can be used as a safety boat or a mark boat, we could use your help. If you are new to the club, this is a good way to meet the other members and become an active member. If you do not know much about racing it is not a problem, there will be somebody with you that knows what they are doing.

Please email me if you can help out, This event is always a good time and the weather is usually perfect this time of the year.

See everyone this coming weekend!!!

Jim Wimbish
Vice Commodore