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Cleanup Day is Saturday April 1

Friends it’s sailing time again. Lots of opportunities to help out your club this spring, summer and fall. Cleanup day is April 1 (and that is not a joke) with a rain makeup day on the 8th. Alligator Run is the 15th and 16th and club racing starts on the 23rd. Bring yard tools, power drills, and chain saws. We will do the usual cleanup, work on the back lot and hang some more firehose on the dock. Come out and enjoy some time with fellow club members, meet some of our new members and help us keep our dues as low as possible.

If you have a mooring or front lot space dues must be paid by the first of April or it will go to the next person on the waiting list.

Please remember we are dependent on club members volunteering their time to maintain our facilities and run our events. We are not a country club with a paid staff. If you can’t make it to the cleanup there is at least one event you could help out this year. it is good for your club and it’s fun.