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Annual Spring Clean Up on April 14th

We will be having our annual Spring Clean Up on Saturday, April 14th beginning at 9:00 am. Please come and join us to lend a hand in getting our club ready for the upcoming season. There are several projects that need our attention. Members of all ages and ability levels are welcome to participate. We will provide a grilled hot dog luncheon and refreshments for those in attendance.

Some of the projects we hope to accomplish include:

-cleaning and organizing of the kitchens, bathrooms, shower rooms, race room, and sail storage shed
-cleaning the beach and launching ramps and hauling off debris to designated area
-trimming growth along canal and parking areas
-repairing the back lot fence
-inspection and cleaning of barge and safety/mark boat
-replacement of pier boards

So mark it on your calendar, grab those work gloves, and come join us to get this sailing season started! Our first club race will be held April 28th and racing will continue every fourth Saturday through September. We will be posting an official racing schedule to include our keel boat series very soon. Please check our official website for calendar updates and information regarding our club and membership.

*Some of the projects planned will require the use of power tools, particularly the replacement of portions of the pier. If you are willing to bring cordless drills, saws, and extra batteries it would be greatly appreciated.