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  • Tanzer 16 Nationals 2017

Getting ready for the 2015 sailing season... a fantastic and productive day!

Thanks to:

  • Philippe and DeeDee Laurent
  • Jim Wimbish
  • Bob and Emily Jungblut
  • Nick Logan
  • Tanner Hester
  • Jonathan Medford
  • David McLamb
  • Butch Blanchard
  • Steve Vitamvas
  • Donna Scott
  • Bill Purcell
  • Eddie Elkins
  • Todd and Margaret Fisken

What we did!:

  • Clean Bathrooms and Kitchen
  • Repair Commodes
  • Clean Beach and Grounds
  • Wire Hot Water Heater Switch
  • Clean up piles and growth on Canal Lot
  • Mow Lakefront and Canal Lots
  • Weed eat and Prune growth
  • Repair nails and screws on Deck and Pier
  • Clean and Powerwash Pavilion
  • A mail box was installed